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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Why not - another foot of snow on the way!

The snow has started falling tonight, with about a foot predicted. With any kind of luck, this storm will be like the last one - the Big Dud Storm Neptune, at least in our area.

In Westbrook, we got 2 and a third inches, after forecasts of well over a foot. But in York Beach, 40 miles to the south, a total of over 2 feet fell! And Saco, 15 miles down the coast, over a foot fell. The photo above shows the extent of the storm in our town.

And Freeport, home of L. L. Bean, just 20 miles up the coast, received only an inch and a half.



Saturday, February 14, 2015

More Snow

Until near the end of January, we had used our snowblower just once since the beginning of winter. But with four major storms in three weeks, we have burned up three tanks of gas in the trusty old machine.

And in about six hours, big storm Neptune is going to hit us. Where shall we put the snow?

This photo was taken in the office of one of my doctors - nice view of Munjoy Hill.

A closer look reveals one of Portland's major problems - monstrous piles of snow!

Notice the size of the mounds of white stuff compared to the cars in the parking lot

And look at the bush on the far right of the photo near the fence

The bush is covered with snow

This is the snow that concerns me - it's as deep on the roof as on the ground

Well, at least Spring is coming. Mike and I will get the scooters out and ride. The snow will melt one day, and we'll forget this that denied us a White Christmas but made up for it with a very White Valentine' Day