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Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool's Day Storm

Friday's snowstorm didn't set any records for April 1st, but it kept me grounded. With 11.1 inches on snow on April 1, 1922, the four or so inches that most of southern Maine experienced was mostly simply annoying.

But it was enough to keep me off the road on my new Vespa GTS 250. Call me wimpy (several bicycles have already passed my house, undeterred as usual by conditions) but until the roads are a tad dryer, I'll pass the time watching baseball.

My scooter had its first service earlier this week, and except for a minor and easily fixed oxygen sensor problem that caused the engine to run rough and sometimes stall, it required little more than some adjustments and a change of oil.

As a notoriously picky, fussy, hard to please geezer, I find myself in awe of this machine's near-perfection. Frankly, I am almost never contented with things. But this Vespa is the exception to my rule that there's something wrong here - and I won't rest until I find it!

This weather is another story altogether, though. I want to ride.

Tomorrow is predicted to be in the high 40s and mostly sunny.

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  1. Snow.... getting tired of the white stuff. Glad you got some riding time in before this (hopefully) last snowfall of the season.

    The Vespa is a nicely put together machine. While not perfect it certainly is exceptional in the scooter world.

    Steve Williams
    Scooter in the Sticks
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