MAINE: my final frontier. These are the voyages of the Scooter Vespa 250 i.e. Super. Its continuing mission - to explore America's most heavily forested state - to roam the vast coastline, numberless lakes, and mighty mountains. To boldly go where no scooter has gone before!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Around the lake to the bay

While the best known coast of Maine is along the ocean, the 105 miles of shoreline around Sebago Lake provides another "coast" that, while not nearly so long, is much more hospitable and accessible than the rocky seacoast.

Below, one boat pulls away from the dock, while another is about to be hauled out, at the Sebago Station public boat launch in Sebago Village.

A few miles to the west is Long Beach, pictured here before the campgrounds open and the visitors arrive. But by Memorial Day, the fence will be removed and the picnic tables cleaned and made ready for the crowds.

Around the lake to the east is Chadborne's Landing, site of a Portland Water District demonstration project.

Frankly, I don't really understand the significance of this project yet, but I include it here because my late father would have been fascinated.

This is the actual demonstration project.

In this enlarged photo, the White Mountains of New Hampshire can be seen beyond the lake.

On another day, closer to the sea, I enjoyed a high school softball game between Gorham and Cheverus, played within a long fly ball of Portland's Back Bay. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Maine is a genuinely gratifying place to live, and Portland is a true gem of a city.

Watching the game, and dangerously close to my Vespa with a bottle of water, is my younger brother David. When I once taunted him about his baldness, he replied: "Yes, but I'll always be younger and better looking than you."

Obviously, sibling rivalry never ends. By the way, the right fielder, seen behind Dave's back, is my niece Leaha, Dave's youngest daughter, who had three hits in Gorham's 10-3 victory over Cheverus.

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  1. I like the demonstration project, from the little I understand it works like a natural water treatment plant.
    What a beautiful area you live in.