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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Quick Ride Before The Storm

Leaving home in the early afternoon today, with a forecast of a 10% chance of rain after 4 pm, I pointed my GTS toward the summer home of President George H.W. Bush at Walker's Point in Kennebunkport. Although I met the President at a Portland Sea Dogs game a few years ago, this was to be strictly a photo opportunity.

As I approached the President as he was leaving that game, calling out "Mr. President," he turned and smiled. The large men in black suits who surrounded me instantly did not smile. (Did you know that two secret service agents can lift 250 pounds, using only thumbs and forefingers?)

Anyway, I survived the scare, and was allowed about five minutes of mostly baseball talk with Mr. Bush. Alas, I was not going to see his home this bright, sunny day. After a stop at Pine Point in Scarborough, the sun disappeared in a rush of black clouds spewing lightening and threatened sudden heavy rain, fully three hours before the predicted 10% chance of rain.

Here's what I saw at Pine Point's Town Landing:

Behind the sailboat is Prout's Neck, the subject of a recent post here.

The case on the rear held a very nice lunch and three cans of diet Moxie, which I'd planned to enjoy
on one of the several beaches in the Kennebunkport area not guarded by secret service agents.

Many of these boats are lobster boats, supplying two of Maine's leading lobster pounds: Bayley's and the Pine Point Fishermen's Co-op. Should you ever scoot down to Maine, buy a couple lobsters here and enjoy them at home. Rent the Woody Allen movie "Annie Hall," watch the infamous lobster chase, and do nothing that you see on screen.

This photo was taken in a parking lot between two small houses. Nice view. They're for rent at about two grand a week. Until the real summer arrives - then the rent is three grand a week.

This is Jones Creek, which empties in the Scarborough River.

Below is a picture of Higgin's Beach at low tide, taken about six weeks ago.

From nearly the same spot, last week. Note the presence of green in the background, which was absent a month and a half ago. Still no people, though. Mainer's may be hardy, but we don't like to get tanned on the inevitable goose-bumps of early June.

Here's a surfer who couldn't care less about the cold. I'm still wearing long john's and this guy is getting wet! Must be from away.

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