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Monday, August 22, 2011

Things to do at York Beach

In the town of York, Maine are three separate and quite different beaches. Both Short Sands and Harbor Beaches are small stretches of sand with gentle surf. Long Sands Beach, the subject of this post, is, well, long.

Nearly a mile in length, it has fairly decent surf, and room for hundreds of visitors. But not all of them swim or surf. On a recent trip to Long Sands, I found the following:

Intricate sand drawing

Simple sand drawing

Walking along the beach at low tide

A Karate class

The class starts on the beach and ends up deep in the surf

Introducing a baby to the surf

Me, sans GTS, contemplating my next photo

Young lady dancing

Father and son playing baseball

Sisters burying their brother in the sand

Family playing baseball - from her body language, Mom doesn't seem to think much of  Dad's easy pitch to their son

"Yeah, I'm at the beach, but I can multi-task ... "

The best use of the beach - sit and relax

Two old men pretending to swim. Wait, that's me and my brother-in-law Dick - pretending to swim


  1. Beautiful pictures, and nicely commented. Full of life and energy. Ah, summer...

    Why isn't there a scooter pic drawn in the sand?

  2. To SonjaM: There is no drawing of a Vespa in the York Beach sand because - I never thought of drawing one. Actually, I'd have asked my wife Kathy to do it - she is a superb artist, as you can see: