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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What's for Dinner?

One of the joys of my life is employing the skills I developed over decades as a chef and cook to prepare meals for my dear wife Kathy. She works very hard, I must say. Kathy works in a psychiatric hospital, creates and sells art, tends to a large garden, and runs an efficient home, keeping four demanding animals content and quiet. (Three of these are cats; one is a husband.)

Without question, her favorite meal is lobster. Kathy loves lobster. I can't stand the sight of the hideous bug-like creatures. Nevertheless, on occasion, I do my part, which is to procure said beastie.

STEP 1: 

Follow lobster boat to dock


Visit Bayley's Lobster Pound in Pine Point


Pick out very large lobster


Relax in chair made from lobster traps

STEPS 5 through 12: 

Give living thing to dear wife, who plays with her dinner, kills it, and eats it, while hopeful husband rides Vespa while listening to Boston Red Sox, who crush hope by losing - again

Kathy has eaten lobsters at many restaurants, cooked lobsters bought from many sources. She says that Bayley's lobsters are the best.

Google: Bayley's Lobster Pound

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