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Thursday, December 15, 2011


As my family prepares to gather for our Christmas party this coming Sunday, I thought I'd post a few photos from our Thanksgiving dinner with Kathy's brother and sister in Massachusetts.

The best of all possible meals: Diet Moxie and Roast Turkey!

Our elder son Daniel, left, entertains our newest nephew, Parker, while Timothy, the youngest, watches the rest of us clean up. Andrew, the middle son, had to work. (I was unable to help with dishes, etc., since I assigned myself to documenting the day photographically.)

As Kathy holds Parker, I said, "What a good Grammy you're going to be!" Tim's wife, Meredith, as well as Tim and his mother, react with less enthusiasm than I'd expected.

Kathy enjoys beating her sister, Sylvia, at cribbage. She always wins, and a less noble husband might say that she wins too easily. Notice that the wine bottles are nearly empty, while the fruit bowl sits untouched. They claimed that they were sipping non-alcoholic drinks ...


Kathy covers her cards, believing, she said, that I was going to take pictures of them and share them with her opponent. "Never!" said I, indignantly. "I've learned nothing about you in 37 years?" she said.

I put my camera away and sulked.


  1. thomas, Nice pics of family life.........and the turkey looks good aswell!



    scootering adventures

  2. Thanks, Len

    We're going to a family Christmas party this Sunday, and if the snow melts, I'm riding there.