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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Cold Day At Fort Allen

It was only 20 degrees colder today than on Sunday, but with a wicked wind, my body told me that temperature means nothing.

At Fort Allen Park, at the eastern end of the Portland peninsula, the wind whips off the ocean unimpeded. This makes the Park a crowded place on hot summer days; finding a place to park is merely a dream.

Today, I was alone.

Out on the bay, the decks were clear on the ferries to and from the Islands. In summer, people pack the decks, often riding back and forth just for the breeze and the sheer joy of being on the sea. 

During the warmer months, sailboats of many sizes vie for a piece of the water. Today, this little boat was alone.

Well, almost alone. Turning around in the harbor, the little fella came close to a larger vessel. In the background, one of Portland's large visitors - a oil barge - unloads its expensive cargo.

I took a quick picture and rode rapidly away as the gulls took aim at a favored target - a black vehicle. If you have been the victim of a seagull dive-bombing, you'll understand my hasty retreat!

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  1. It's always a nice visit with your blog. I love your view, too. I have my inland sea views, but... can't compare with your area. Love the last shot. I can feel myself hopping on and buzzing away, while the gulls laugh overhead.