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Saturday, January 14, 2012

No Ride - Day Two

Measure it by the inch, the foot, the meter, or the ton - this is snow, and I don't ride on snow. I'll ride around it, but not on it, so I'm stuck on foot for the second day in a row.

Our backyard is in the process here of being covered by the first snowstorm of winter.

While Kathy and our daughter-in-law, Meredith, wait at the end of the driveway, Tim drives up to carry them to the airport. Tim and Mere are going to Florida. Kathy returned with their car; we'll freeze while they enjoy the beach and Disney world. On the plus side, we're having a long-desired wood stove installed Monday, so I guess we won't exactly freeze. But we won't be getting a tan any time soon.

Note the slender scooter path in the driveway. That's for when the sun melts the snow and ice on the roads.

Tim and I pose with a Christmas present from my youngest son - a picture of my favorite cartoon character: Foghorn Leghorn, autographed by the "voice" of the big chicken.

For those not familiar with Mr. Leghorn, please listen to the following, my all-time favorite cartoon quote.

Tim's impression of "Okay, I'll shut up ...!"

And Tim's impression of the innocent little boy, which he's performed since childhood.


  1. I, too, have a fondness for Foghorn Leghorn. And, I agree snow is best when it get be ridden around. I dislike ice more than snow. I live in a City with narrow streets that don't get plowed they get packed into a sheet of ice. The question is can I make it out of the back streets onto the main cleared way. Hopefully, you will be back out and on the loose again soon.

  2. Circle Blue,

    I'd hoped to ride today, but the weather forecast was correct, for a change. They said snow - we have snow.

  3. One more thing to like about you, Thomas, Ah say, boy!

  4. Thank you, Martha! With the temperature a tad above ten, and the wind gusting to 45 mph, your comment warms my heart.

  5. Now you have me doubting myself Thomas. I just had my snow tire put on. Notice: Snow Tire. No one could come up with a front snow tire. So I now sport a rear snow tire and an all weather front. Should be interesting except that now there's no snow.
    I'm with you in spirit. Bought a 1971 MGB when I hit 60. Wasn't fast enough, so went to my home country (well, okay, my parents home country) and got a 1988 Alfa Romeo Spider. That was fast enough. Just turned it in for a Honda Elite.
    Life's too short to hang around waiting.
    My next fun thing - and you're certainly invited, is to drive to Florida on the scooter. Should be a fun way to see the country.
    Hope to hook up with you in near future. Skowhegan falls in the winter is pretty and the road to Cornish and there abouts is quite grand.
    Please visit me and let's have at the very least a good cuppa in Portland.

    Mike T.