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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Monster of Winter Present

One week ago, I was riding in 80 degrees; I took the winter lining out of my Joe Rocket jacket and packed away my winter gloves.

Just a few minutes ago, I snapped this picture of my wife's car. Oh ha-ha-ha. Pessimists are saying, "I told you so." Optimists are saying, "I quit!"


  1. Thomas:

    Last week we were very, very, very, very envious of your good fortune, but today . . . not so much. Perhaps you should unpack your winter gear and gloves

    Riding the Wet Coast

  2. Bob,

    My winter gear is back from its winter storage in the basement. BUT - I hope to leave it in its box until next fall. Part of being a Mainer is a heavy reluctance to admit to being wrong.

    For example, a true Mainer who took the snow tires off his truck too early would almost rather skid off the road in a late spring ice storm than agree with his neighbor that, "You shoulda left 'em on 'til May, Henry."

    "No suh, Ben - I got a hell-of-a deal on new summers, had to do it by last Saturday for the discount."

    Check Henry's tires - same old rubber from last year, but no admission of being wrong.

  3. A year ago it was 29F for the ride to work and we still had a snow to come. Today it was 68F for the ride to work and 81F for the ride home. That said, I ain't washing the ACF-50 off of the Symba until at least tax day. I guess I'm one of those pessimists.

    This, too, will pass.
    Circle Blue

  4. Wisconsin is going to see a white landscape tomorrow. Northerners understand. We may not like it, but we understand our weather. Enjoy a nice bowl of vegetable soup!

  5. Martha,

    Actually, I did precisely that - I made a vat of corn chowder. (As a 20-year veteran of restaurant and hotel kitchens, I seem to be unable to cook for just the two of us! Kathy will have chowder in her lunch box for days to come.)