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Thursday, March 8, 2012

O Happy (Hot) Day!

O glorious Spring! O marvelous beach! O how wonderful to pack away the long underwear, the double-thick gloves, the extra pair of socks under the heavy winter boots, the headache-inducing balaclava!

Today's forecast was for warm, windy weather, and Portland broke the record for the warmest March 8 in the long history of the city. Sixty degrees! And the weather expert for the National Weather Service said: "This is probably it for winter." Good enough for me. The snow-blower, shovels, ice melt, antifreeze - out of sight and mind in the far corner of the cellar.

Look closely - that is a 60 in the upper right of the GTS display. Mike T. of and I rode to Old Orchard Beach to take in the joy of the best day so far in 2012 for riding. And it was a terrific day at the beach:

For feeding seagulls...

For walking on the sand and sitting on a bench...

For contemplating the sea and the surf...

For cuddling on the sand - there are really two people on that blanket, close together for warmth - or love. I didn't ask - I just took the picture...

For relaxing with tunes and a large, friendly dog...

For walking the little dog...

And for running perilously close to the sea, which is still - and always will be - very, very cold!


  1. Very, very cold indeed!

    Ogunquit is my favorite spot on earth for unwinding. Even in July and August, the water is stunningly cold. It never ceases to amaze me. And yet, I still manage to play in the surf. Go figure!

    1. David,

      I hope you'll let me know when you plan to visit Ogunquit this summer!

  2. What a mild winter nearly everywhere it seems. There is talk of temperatures in the 80's here next week.

    I love the two in the blanket. I'm glad you didn't ask or tell.

    1. 80s! We can't expect those temps until July up here!