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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Time Flies

If time flies when you're having fun, it goes supersonic when you're in seventh heaven! And since the middle of July, that's where I have been. Here I am at "work" with Slugger, the Sea Dogs mascot:

I may have mentioned that I love baseball. That is an understatement. I am addicted to the game, obsessed with it, consumed and absorbed by every little thing about the game of baseball.

And that has led me to set aside scooting - well, actually - everything that isn't baseball, at least for awhile.This all started when I was five years old, so it's not going away any time soon.

Please don't judge me too harshly - but I watch as many as six baseball games a day. When the Dogs are in town, I attend most games, but I take in as many of the Major League games on the MLB At Bat app as possible.

This may not be normal. I am one of the few people around who goes to baseball games and watches another game - or two or three - on an iPad.

Well, the Sea Dogs season ended yesterday, so I'll begin to lead a more normal life. But I'll miss things like the Dogs annual "Field of Dreams" game, in which the team emerges from a center field corn field, in the manner of the icon movie.

This ball curved foul at the last moment. But next pitch brought home a run, giving Portland an early and temporary lead in their final game.


  1. Of course now I am singing 'take me out to the ball game".......

    I think it is good that you have an interest in something that started when you were little and carried you through to today. Most people lose interest in things over the years and yours seems to have gotten stronger.

    I imagine it helps keep you young.

    1. Trobairitz,

      Baseball certainly encourages youth! When I interview the players for the paper, and observe the maturation of their skills during games, it strikes me during night games that they're all out way past their bedtimes.


  2. I just love the fact that you make a living with what you love most. But I bet the wife might be glad to have you back for a little while. And maybe your riding buddy as well. :)

    1. Lori,

      Kathy seems pleased that I'm not out most nights now, but she knows, as I do, that as of today, there are only 209 days until Opening Day, 2013!