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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A White-ish Christmas

Taken on Christmas Day at my home, this is the only snow around - but it is snow, so we had a white-ish Christmas!

Kathy gave me a pillow with Babe's face

Neither Babe nor Willa seemed impressed, but I took the pillow to Maine Medical Center for my ten day stay, and it was a huge hit

Unable to carve the turkey myself, son Tim did the horrors - or honors



  1. Replies
    1. Kathy always finds remarkable gifts, and this tops the list!

  2. The pillow is so realistic. Good when you couldn't have the real thing with you at the hospital.

  3. Actually a bit frighteningly realistic! I had it propped up in the window for a while, and I saw a number of startled looks on the faces of staff. I laughed too much, though, which hurt the chest tubes, so I had to move Babe

  4. Wow! That is almost spooky! Cool though, really neat!

    Hope your recovery is going well....